Miriam's View on Tisha B'Av

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Miriam’s View on Tisha B’Av (SNN, Risho LeZion) Miriam explains on Tisha B’Av in Israel. 


Its Miriam from Rishon le Zion, I was wanting to share about temple of Jerusalem. I decided this is the Best day to share, Tisha be AV, the ninth of the month of Av on the Jewish calendar. We remember the temple of Jerusalem, 2 temples destroyed. Mourning, and fasting. Lamentations is read from the bible. Fast 29th- 30 July all day and night, read sadness liturgies called kinnot, sad poems. This is to mourn the destruction of temple of Jewish people, and this is known as saddest day on Jewish calendar. Solomon’s temple by the neo Babylonians Empire and 2nd temple by Romans. 


We have Fasting, prayer But as Believers we can remember yes, respect and remember this very sad day for the people. We can remember on this sad day that Jesus the Messiah said the temple dwells in you. Jesus Christ promises us much in His promises, God’s promises, we can as believers to respect this day but we can also as believers know we have a parallel joy, not all sadness today. 


Not only as is this day in Israel and for Jews known as the destruction of the temple but any bad calamity on the Jews and Israel, all lumped together on this sad day of the Jewish calendar. We also remember for example: When Moses sent the 12 spies, and when they returned to say impossible to conquer the Promised Land, eventually we came into the land, as promised by God. 1st temple was built by King Solomon and destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BCE and kingdom of Judah which was sent into Babylonian exile, all are sad to remember to Jews but the actual destruction began the 9th of AV and continued to burn through the 10th of Av. Another sad day was when the Romans crushed Bar Kokva revolt and destroyed city of Bietar as in the national sport team of Jerusalem the name Bietar Jerusalem, named after that city. This brought 500,000 Jewish civilians were killed, 135 CE this happened. Following that the Roman Commander Turnus Rufus leveled the temple and all around it. (Points to Wailing Wall currently shows (area of temple). Shows all that was flattened and no temple left. Tisha ba Av. 


The Jewish temple was places of Jewish fellowship, economic, business and cultural richness, key and central to Jewish life; to be ostracized (kicked out) of the temple was a terrible thing indeed for a Jew. Jews had to be connected to the temple, it was so important. And isn’t it beautiful that the Lord says we are the dwelling place now of the temple. Are we only to pray and do good deeds (Mizvot) as rabbinical thought would teach? That but that is not what Jesus taught. The temple is dwelling in you now in each person there is value, each precious believer and person. And God brings great joy. 


Let’s read some promises and see what God says about it and the joy to come. Joy that we can have as believers in Jesus Christ, and Jews and all over the world. The Holy Spirit in us now. What shall we as Jews do now that there is no temple? This is not the finale, this temple which is not here and now, this temple destroyed by the gentiles. Amos 9:11 New International Version "In that day I will restore David's fallen shelter-- I will repair its broken walls and restore its ruins-- and will rebuild it as it used to be Isaiah 2: 2, 3 established and exalted, all nations will come to it and say come and Let us go to the mountain of the Lord, to the temple of the God of Jacob. So we have that great hope, even on the saddest day of the Jewish calendar. God bless you from Zion 


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