What is the situation in India regarding COVID-19 Pandemic?

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By Rajvin Samuel (SNN, Chennai, India) - India is a country with the second highest population with 1.3 billion. 

The present scenario of the effect of this invisible enemy Corona virus on this population is intriguing. The first case in India was on January 30th, when a medical student from Wuhan in China returned to India and tested positive. 


As of today July 31st July 2020, Total No. of cases in India 16.3lakhs Critical Fatality Rate 26,816 Recovery Rate 10, 57,806 Active cases 5, 45,318 The Recovery Rate is 64.5% The Indian Case Fatality Rate is about 2.21% (One of the lowest in the world) 


There is an obvious favorable outcome in India defying the global trend. Considering the odds like the migrant workers in thousands from major cities in India returning to their homes, clustered together not maintaining the norms of social distancing, the number of active cases has not increased. 


The post lockdown effect, the people thronging the shopping streets has not made significant increase to number of active cases in Chennai. On the contrary the graph shows a dip although the number of deaths remains the same. 


The reasons for this favor on Indian population is believed to be, 

1. Governments early strict lockdown and continuing the lockdown being in phases. 

2. People being responsible and obeying the orders of the government except for stray incidences. 

3. Strict quarantine. 

4. Efficient government machinery and supervision. 

5. Dedicated frontline healthcare workers. 

6. Younger population in comparison to the western world. 

7. Possible higher immunity in the population. Childhood vaccinations like BCG vaccination. 

8. Probably a different strain of virus. 


In India there are 5 deaths to a 10 million 

In USA 1510 deaths to a 10 million 

The definite reason for this remains hidden from our understanding. 


video produced by Dr. Dividetha Roselin 


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