Opening But Closure again in Israel 2020

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Israel opens but closure may be coming again 


Miriam Abramov (SNN, Rishon LeZion) 


Partial opening of Israel took place Sunday Nov 8th.

While many street venues were opened the maximum allowed into a store is only 4 people at one time. The move is opposed by Israel’s Health minister and the partial opening comes after a national lockdown was in place since the middle of September. Only essential Transactions as food purchases and medicine have been allowed since the beginning Of the lockdown. 


The good news of opening just partially comes with bad news however. The military authorized taskforce in assisting with data has advised us that the past two weeks have brought numbers of infected persons too high to allow for the goal needed to expect the larger phase of opening. Known as Phase 3 (of the second lockdown) would include all malls and retail stores to also begin opening soon. 


The Maximum number of infected however must be lower than 500 persons daily for the easing of the wider opening to then at a future date to take place. So as enthusiastic as Israel is now to be opening partially she may be actually in lockdown number 3 before she can be moving into opening towards phase three of her second lockdown. 


Store owners are already fearful that will happen and the corona virus takes no orders to slow down from anyone. For now, the opening may be in number only and just symbolic when compared to data. God has the perfect plan for Israel and the nations, we must wait for that and keep trusting His love to us.



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