An impressive and magnificent Israeli project that was recently built and inaugurated in the presence of the President of Georgia

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BY ITZHAK RABIHIYA / SNN, Space Network News



Trip and vacation in Georgia, - Lopota Lake Resort and Diamond Bridge 


I recently visited the lovely Georgia and I would like to recommend you a trip and a magical vacation in Georgia focusing on the capital Tbilisi, the Diamond Bridge and a highly recommended stay at the Lopota Lake Resort in the magical nature at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, a two-hour drive from Tbilisi. Why Georgia ? I have visited there three times and I am fascinated every time. A young country with an ancient history, rare beauty with a wonderful culture, delicious and special food and above all a love of people that makes us believe, just like its 4 million inhabitants, that Georgia, God's country, is the best and most beautiful place in the world. A fascinating combination of European landscapes, tradition, soft Christianity, a proud, generous, warm, life-loving people, a fan of Israel. 


We will start by recommending a trip to a place that is no less than heaven - Lopota Lake Resort - located in the Kakhati region at the foot of the high Caucasus mountains, a beautiful and romantic region, full of vineyards and wineries and known as the wine valley. The resort of Lake Lopota is suitable for those looking for peace and quiet resort as part of a trip to Georgia or as a vacation in itself. We arrived at the resort last Sunday. From the moment we entered, we realized how amazing this complex is, in the heart of the resort there is a huge lake shimmering in blue-green colors against a background of golden fall trees. Around the lake there are 15 small buildings including 231 rooms of different sizes suitable for couples, families and individuals, 6 swimming pools, well-kept paths with rich and varied vegetation including deciduous sycamore trees, a weeping willow surrounding the lake, a spa with a heated swimming pool all year round, wet saunas and tennis, soccer and basketball courts, several restaurants including traditional Georgian food, bars and a night club, an Italian restaurant and a new Asian restaurant and all this with a view of the lake, the high Caucasus mountain range on the horizon, everything is picturesque and indulgent. A delight to the eye and expands the heart. 


The resort, so we learned, was established by Goga Mizordze in 2008 and after his death the place is managed by the lovely Anna, who lives there with her mother. She welcomed us with infinite warmth and with endless enthusiasm and patience, she walked with us through the paths of the compound, telling us the history of how the family dream began to take shape with one building and 6 guest rooms, later the amazing winery was added, and with the popularity the place became an attractive attraction from which we learn that a vacation It is better to order in advance. 


During our stay in the complex we enjoyed horseback riding, ATV rides, hiking trips around the lake and in the area, bicycle trips, pedal boats in the lake, an indoor pool, a gym, a jacuzzi, a spa and a pampering massage, a visit to the "Chateau Barrow" winery where we learned about the wine production process The Georgian potter. We tasted a variety of wines from all the 40,000 bottles produced in the winery every year and had dinner at the chateau. A particularly enjoyable gastronomic experience. As mentioned, the resort is large and spacious (40 hectares, which is 400 dunams), so you hardly feel the other guests. The composition of the rooms is diverse from suites through double rooms, family rooms with 2 floors. Everything here is new, very spacious, tasteful, with ecological thinking, preserving the quality of the environment, friendly, also suitable for children, exceptional service and the feeling of a dreamy and enjoyable vacation. For details and reservations: 


The nature lovers among you will be able to take advantage of the stay at the resort for trips to the high and spectacular Caucasus Mountains, whose peaks are covered with snow almost all year round, to visit the many wineries in the Kakhati region, a visit to the wine museum is also recommended, a visit to the city of Talavi above the Alazani River, where we discovered an ancient 900-year-old sycamore tree towering in height 46 meters, you can visit the ancient royal fortress Batonistsikhe from the 18th century, where there are two churches, remains of baths from the 11th century and a royal palace where a large ethnographic museum operates. It is also recommended to tour the old town of Talvi where there is interesting architecture and a variety of spectacular balconies overlooking the valley and its numerous vineyards. 


We dedicated the second part of the visit to Tbilisi. The capital city of Tbilisi is a cultural center, a city where kings, conquerors, people of Shem and poets like Pushkin made a pilgrimage to it and bathed in its baths. A trip to Tbilisi guarantees a rich experience of landscapes, historical sites, restaurants, markets, a hammam and more. We will start with our recommended hotel choice - the Hilton Garden Inn in Tbilisi. The hotel is new and opened a year ago in October 2021. The hotel, professionally managed by the Swiss Patrick Boder, offers 170 pleasant, well-designed rooms with comfortable beds, air conditioning, a 55-inch TV and a host of other treats on 13 floors, a pleasant restaurant in the spacious lobby, rich and indulgent breakfasts , a 24-hour fitness center and the possibility of private laundry. The hotel is located in the modern center of the city near the turtle lake, entertainment centers, tourist sites, restaurants and bars for the most part. For details and reservations:


It is important to note that Tbilisi was built and destroyed no less than 40 times, the last of which was in the summer of 2008 when the city's residents woke up in surprise to a Russian attack on the city. You won't find a trace of this in a city that enjoys a real estate boom, albeit occasionally, among the spectacular views of the city with protruding Soviet construction (some beautiful and some ugly) and a multitude of monuments to the conquerors and the fallen. Personally, I recommend starting the trip on Rostovli Avenue, the House of Parliament, Freedom Square and from there to the attraction of Tbilisi - the old city, where you can walk alone or with a guide on foot through its picturesque alleys, a multitude of impressive trees, which were now down, to visit the lovely Jewish synagogue in Kutaisi, In the impressive monument that evokes the departments - the Peace Bridge on the Matakvari River, in the baths and hammams in the city, in the charming botanical garden, to take the cable car to the Matachi Plateau view of the city, to visit the statue of Mother Georgia, in the Narihala Fortress built in the fourth century, in the many churches and basilicas around the city, the turtle lake, shopping malls and malls Shopping and, of course, you must not miss in any way delightful meals in the many and best restaurants in the city. We loved the restaurant "Factory Khinkali" where I fell in love again with Khinkali and Khachapuri and learned to eat them the local way - with my hands. In the city there are also options for shopping at Dynamo Market, Lilo Market and countless malls. 


Another recommendation is a visit to the Diamond Bridge, an hour and a half drive from the capital Tbilisi. An impressive and magnificent Israeli project that was recently built and inaugurated in the presence of the President of Georgia and is highly recommended to visit. The bridge that cost 25 million dollars to build and is called "Cass Land" is located in one of the most beautiful nature reserves in Georgia. A bridge made of transparent glass and steel, 250 meters long and 240 meters high, which hovers over Tselka Canyon, a green canyon with a wild landscape. The highlight is a diamond-shaped bar in the center of the bridge with breathtaking views. Walking on the bridge is an exciting and dizzying experience. At first the legs refuse to believe that the structure with the thin silhouette is capable of bearing the weight of many visitors. After a few steps in the spectacular view, the body gets used to it. Miriam, the site manager, told us about the thousands of tourists who visit the site every day, enjoying the attraction and the nearby hotel (currently 62 villas and rooms and in the near future the construction of the hotel will be completed). Among the attractions are cycling on the cables stretched between the two cliffs of the canyon, very scary for the faint of heart but don't worry, it's completely safe, a cliff swing hovering at a height of 40 meters, a ride to the charming waterfall at the bottom of the bridge, an excellent and delicious restaurant and of course to be impressed by the breathtaking views on the spot. 


Another recommended visit is a trip to the old capital Machete, which is 27 km north of Tbilisi. The center of the city has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can visit there the famous Orthodox Cross Monastery overlooking the confluence of the Varagvi and Kura rivers. Try and enjoy.


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