The Possible 4th Election in Israel

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Miriam Abramove (SNN, Rishon LeZion) tells us her view on the possible 4th election in Israel. 



Shalom from Israel once again, this is Miriam Abramov in Rishon Le Zion Israel. 


Israel finds herself on the brink of elections once again. If that happens and it looks likely it will happen, it will be our forth election in only two years. You might remember the story we did covering the election of the caretaker government of which is still today That was formed 6 months ago. This is as a babysitting government and is a coalition of the opposition party who agreed to sit alongside with Prime Minister Netanyahu. 


This now unity government was hastily pasted together like a band aid in the emergency Corona backdrop which caused economic windfalls downward. Netanyahu is under investigation for fraud and breach of trust. It is said if he can stall an election he can stall his court date. 


The main concern in this unity government and the greatest issue in the not so unity government is that General Benny Gantz the opposition has now voted against his own government. It was not a small issue this week but Gantz claims all will be forgiven and he will stay with Netanyahu and sit tightly if a budget will be presented this month for 2021. 


The government has not been able to successfully move forward due to no economic plan in place for programs, education, military funds and health. Israel law is if by December 28th a budget is still not in effect and on the table the state will automatically go to new elections. This will be the forth election is just 2 years. 


Israel needs to be a stable country in the region now. Our peace deals and perhaps the USA new government in February would call for a strong government on Israel’s part. 


Many Israelis are fed up with Corona and lockdowns and want very much to see a new government. The truth is Prime minister Netanyahu has a very powerful following and he may still be with us as our leader for years to come. This may happen with or without election, with or without a budget and a new win for him in March or possibly June. 


The Knesset or Israeli Parliament will decide now on a date if elections will take place. Three more votes will have to pass a Knesset committee which will decide. 


"Behold, he who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.” Psalm 121 is a bold word for the worn out nation. “I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”




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