Tel Aviv ranked world's 20th most expensive city

  • By Editor
  • 01 21
  • 2020

By Itzhak Rabihiya

We are not Switzerland yet, but nearly there. Listen to this: Numbeo has ranked Tel Aviv world's 20th most expensive city. Numbeo also ranked Haifa in 31st place and Jerusalem in 34th place in its cities cost-of-living index – globes newspaper reports.


Good news in terms of the high cost of living in Tel Aviv. Numbeo has ranked Tel Aviv as the world's 20th most expensive city in 2020, down from 18th last year. Tel Aviv scored 86.36 on the Numbeo's cost of living index placing it between Oakland, California in 19th place (86.51) and Copenhagen in 21st place (86.23).


Haifa (80.29) is the world's 31st most expensive city - the same ranking as last year - followed by Chicago in 32nd place, Osaka, Japan in 33rd. place and Jerusalem (79.42) in 34th place. Jerusalem was in 33rd place last year.

The world's five most expensive cities are all in Switzerland - Zurich, Basel, Lausanne, Geneva and Bern followed by three Norwegian cities Stavanger, Oslo and Strondheim, followed by Icelandic capital Reyljavik in 9th place and Bergen, Norway in tenth place. Five US cities are in 11th to 15th places: New York, San Francisco, Anchorage, Honolulu and Brooklyn, followed by Aalborg in Denmark, Washington DC, Tokyo and Oakland.


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