The Gilboa mountain and Valley of Springs

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Motti Verses explains on the Gilboa mountain and Valley of Spirings for the viewers of SNN (Space Network News)


The Gilboa, “bubbling” in Hebrew, is one of northern Israel’s most scenic areas. The name refers to the famous fresh water springs originated in the mountain. This is where Israel first king during biblical times, King Saul met his end at his own hand, while fighting the Philistines. One of the bitter battles ever. A mountain with green peaks, curved scenic roads and breathtaking views of cultivated valleys colorful squares and blue fish ponds. 


In Beit Hashita we stayed at the pampering "Nof laGilboa" guest complex. The sunset scenery as we relax on the hammocks in the wide terrace facing the Gilboa , enjoying a glass of wine is a breathtaking experience. So close is the Valley of the Springs, rich in water, Gan Hashlosha, 


The Sachene, known for its warm springs and natural bathing pools. Visit the restoration of Kibbutz Tel Amal settlement and near by is the Kibbutzim stream. Within walking distance - free-roaming kangaroos that can be hand-feed. Don’t miss the songs of beautiful Australian birds. 


Not far away - the Beit She'an National Park With spectacular remains of Roman, Byzantine and biblical Beit She'an. Enjoy this great vacation recommendation.




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